I started working with Effie because I was exercising obsessively and eating minimally but my body wasn't changing. I was frustrated and looking for advice - and I got so much more than I had anticipated or thought I needed. Effie helped me understand that it's what you put in your body that matters. I was able to enjoy the foods I hadn't eaten in years whilst watching my body change. It put the joy back into eating (and working out) - thank you!


What I love about working with Effie is her positive energy, demeanour and overall vibe! She really is not there to make you feel bad about anything you do, but to help you see the positive effects of the good choices you are capable of. For me, finding a healthy relationship with nutrition for my lifestyle that would last over my lifetime versus a short diet phase, was critical. It’s amazing that she gets that and can completely relate. I’m able to learn so much through each interaction. Communication is smooth and effortless and she has all the necessary tools and support to help guide your path.


I worked with Effie during my pregnancy and since having my baby, as I wanted to ensure my diet was healthy and remained so once I delivered. I wanted to continue exercising throughout my pregnancy and Effie put together a nutrition and exercise plan and continued to adapt it to my changing needs. She has been so very helpful and knowledgeable throughout!

from the Boss babes

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